Ammavodi Grievance Handling

The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) is committed in ensuring that the benefits of the welfare schemes are made available uniformly on saturation basis to every eligible citizen of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, gender, and political affiliation. However, GoAP has realized a need for addressing the grievances of the citizens who may not be eligible to avail a Government Scheme, owing to multiple reasons: Not updating timely mutation of titles relating to vehicles / land, Incorrect entries in records, Ignorance, once paid Income Tax but now & not an Income Tax Assessee, Combined electric meter for multiple households, Invalid documents at time of beneficiary identification, Misuse of applicant’s name without knowledge etc. GoAP wanted to provide citizens who are rendered ineligible, an opportunity to raise a grievance and the respective departments shall verify, take necessary action, and update the database accordingly.

Household Database:

Household Database is the basis for implementation of all the Welfare schemes by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Hence in case of any discrepancies in the database or if a Household’s data is not present in the database, following services can be availed by the Citizens

Existing Services for Household Database

Creation of New Household

If the Data of a Family is not present in the Database, then a new Household ID can be created adding all the members of a family to the Household. It is possible only when none of the members of the family are present in the Database. If there is only one person in a family, then a Household ID with a single Household member can be created. This service can be availed in the Volunteer app with the eKYC of all the members of the family.

Addition of a member to Household

If a Citizen finds out that his/her data is not present in the database but data of family members is present, then he/she may ask the concerned volunteer to add his/her details to the Household. Volunteer may add the details to the existing Household ID of his/her family members with the eKYC of Head of Family and the Citizen to be added.

Household Migration on Marriage grounds

Household migration on Marriage grounds refers to the migration of women after Marriage from Parents Household to In-laws Household in Household database. All the Schemes are based on the Economic condition of a Household. So, after Marriage Wife will be migrated to the Household of In-laws so that Schemes can be availed as per the economic condition and location of In-laws Household. If a Citizen visits the Secretariat to avail this service, the DA/WEDS may apply for the service with the residential proof of wife and husband. The service request shall be forwarded to PS/WAS and then to MPDO/MC. Once the request has been accepted, Household split will be done by migrating Wife from Household of Father to Household of Father in Law

Merging of Households

It has been observed that there are cases where Citizens belonging to the same family are mapped in different Household IDs because of which they could not receive scheme benefits.

Ex: - In a family, if Mother and father have one household ID, Children have another Household ID or Mother and Child have one Household ID and Father have another Household ID. If Mother and Child belong to different household ID’s then the Child cannot receive benefits of Ammavodi Scheme. Such families can avail this service. If a Citizen visits the Secretariat to avail this service, the DA/WEDS may apply for the service with Rice card as a proof. The Service request will be forwarded to PS/WAS and if accepted, one of the Household IDs will be deleted and the ID of members belonging to that Household will be changed to the new one

Services not available in Household Database

As per instructions from the Government, following services are not available to the Household Database

1. It is not possible to delete/removal member from a Household ID

2. Splitting of a Household ID and formation of two Households from a single Household ID is not possible.

Updated Workflow for Grievance Redressal

Any person who is in the ‘Ineligible Beneficiary List’ may raise a grievance at village / ward secretariat. Every scheme will have a set of eligibility parameters. Each parameter for an applicant will be confirmed by the Government. The list of parameters on which eligibility of an applicant is determined are as follows

Parameters for Scheme Grievances

S L No Parameter Grievance under the Parameter Name of Department
1 Landholding of the family Land holding of the family should be less than 3.00 acres of wet (or) 10.00 acres of dry (or) 10.00 acres of both wet and dry land together OR The extent of land as prescribed by the respective departments Revenue
2 Property in municipal area Family in municipal areas who owns house in less than 1000 sq. ft. site area MAUD
3 Electricity Consumption Monthly electricity consumption of a family dwelling unit (own/rent) should be less than 300 units per month Energy
4 Four-wheeler Family should not own a motorized four-wheeler (Taxi, Tractors, Autos are exempted) Transport
5 Caste As per the respective scheme guidelines Revenue
6 Age As per the respective scheme guidelines UIDAI (Aadhaar)
7 Gender As per the respective scheme guidelines UIDAI (Aadhaar)
8 Income Tax No family member should be an Income Tax Payee Or Annual Income less than Rs 5,00,000 for Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Card Finance
9 Government Employee / Government Pensioner ▪ No family member should be a Government employee or Government Pensioner ▪ In rural areas, Family having income up to Rs. 10,000/- per month i.e., Rs.1.20 lakh per year and in urban areas up to Rs. 12,000/- per month i.e., Rs.1.44 lakh per year from all sources of income Finance
10 GSTN As per the respective scheme guidelines Commercial Tax
11 Payment failure If Beneficiaries did not receive Payment after the Payment disbursals, Citizen can raise a grievance under this Parameter GSWS Department
12 Ineligible in Field verification If Citizens became ineligible during field verification can raise a grievance GSWS Department
13 Scheme based grievances (YSR Bima) a. Claim documents submitted but amount not received b. Formation/Registration issues GSWS Department
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