S.S.C Public Examinations - April / May 2022 - Certain Instructions - Issued Rc.24

School Education – S.S.C Public Examinations - April / May 2022 -Certain Instructions - Issued – Regarding


1. This Ofce Pro.Rc.No. 24/A&I/2022 , Dated. 2R-04-2022

2. A.P. Public Examinations (Prevention of Malpractices and  unfair means) Act 25/1997R. Rc.No.101/B-1/2022, Dated.1R-04-2022 of the Director, Govt. Examinations, A.P., Vijayawada

4. This Ofce Circular No. CSE/SSC-2022-1, Dated.2--04-2022


The attention of all the District Educational Ofcers in the State is invited to the references read above, and they are informed that, instructions have been issued in the reference 1st read above regarding the duties to be performed by the teachers, duly instructing not to take any kind of leave during the period , except medical leaves. Further, the Director, Government Examinations in the reference Rrd read above, has issued elaborate instructions detailing the roles and responsibilities ofS taf/ Invigilators/Departmental Ofcers/ Chief Superintendents/ Mandal Educational Ofcers / and the District Educational Ofcers all concerned with regard to conduct of SSC Public Examinations from 27-04-2022 to 09-05-2022 in a free and fair manner. Specifc instructions are also issued not to carry Mobile Phones by any person except the Chief Superintendent and not to allow any unauthorized persons in the examination premises etc.,

Further instructions were issued in the reference 4th read above. Despite clear instructions in this regard, it is brought to the notice of the undersigned that certain incidents of (i) unauthorized presence of teachers, who are not on examination duty in the examination centers, (ii)nvigilator us and other persons drafted for exam duty carrying Mobile Phones (iii) taking photographs of the Question Paper and forwarding it to others (iv) deployment of students and other outsiders for works like supply of water etc, (v) attempts to leak the Question papers etc, by vested interests operating individually / Collectively by unfair means, (vi) circulating the question papers allegedly received in the whatsapp groups.These kind of unlawful activities will not be tolerated and stringent action should be taken against any person indulging in such activities.

Teaching is a noble profession and the teachers are expected to be role models in the Society, This kind of shameful acts by certain teachers bringing disrepute not only to the teaching community but also to the deepartment and the whole state. This will also adversely afect the moral of majority of students who have studied hard despite all adversities like COVID-19 pandemic. While clear directions are issued to the concerned DEOs to take necessary criminal and departmental actions against the teachersinvolved in the incidents reported in Nandyal, Chittoor and Sri Satyasai Districts and prompt action is taken by the district administration, the following further instructions are issued;

All the District Educational Ofcers are informed that, the Government have enacted the A.P. Public Examinations (Prevention ofMalpractices and unfair means) Act 25/1997. As per the provisions of the Act.

(A) “ unauthorized help from any person in any manner /written / recorded/printed/ reproduced from whatsoever and use of any telephonic, wireless or electronic or any instrument/gadget,procure or possess such question paper is prohibited.” 

(B) (i) No person who is not lawfully authorized or permitted shall enter into the examination Centre, (ii) No person who is entrusted with work pertaining to the examination, except where he/she is permitted , directly or indirectly divulge or cause to be divulged the information by virtue of work so entrusted,(iii) No person directly or indirectly involve in manipulation /attempted manipulation in performing the duties.(iv) No person connected with the educational institution shall ofer or promise any guarantee performance /success in examinations as inducement for admission to such institution. 

(C ) Whoever contravenes or attempts or abets the contravention of the provisions of the Act shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than three years but which may extend up to seven years and fne which shall not be less than rupees Five thousand , but which may extend up to rupees One lakh.

Therefore, all the District Educational Ofcers are requested to issue strict instructions to all the Departmental Ofcers , Mandal Educational Ofcers, Chief Superintendents , Invigilators to be vigilant and strictly adhere to the instructions issued from time to time. Whenever any violation / deviation of the provisions of the Act / instructions by any individual / individuals are noticed, immediately initiate action as per the provisions of the Act and as per A.P.C.S.(CCA) Rules 1991 and report compliance.

The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously.

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