District Programme Monitoring Unit Remuneration to Data Entry Operators -Enhancement - Orders Memo:27021

School Education - School Sanitation Toilet Maintenance Fund - District Programme Monitoring Unit Remuneration to Data Entry Operators -Enhancement - Orders- Issued- Regarding.


1. G.O.Ms.No.22 School Education (Prog-1) Dept, Dt. 12-03-2021.

2. This Office Memo No-27023/1/2020-MDM-CSE,Dt. 03-06-2021.

3. G.O. No. 7 Finance (HR-1 Pig) Dept.,17-01-2022

The attention of the District Educational Officers (erstwhile districts) is invited to the reference read above, and informed that, the Government created the Toilet maintenance Fund (TMF) in the reference 1st read above for maintaining cleanliness of the Toilets, Urinals, dress change room, wash basins and other associated items of the toilet complexes in all the government schools and all the Government Junior Colleges in Rural and Urban areas. As part of the scheme the Government ordered to constitute a District Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) to follow up and monitor the TMF scheme in each district (13 districts) with (i) One District Co-Ordinator and (ii) One data Entry Operator Accordingly Instructions have been issued in this Office Memo No. 2nd read above, to constitute District PMU in each district. The remuneration of Rs.25,000/- for District Co-Ordinator and Rs.15,000/- for Data Entry Operator is being paid.It is further informed that, the Govt. in the Government in G.O. No. 7

Finance (HR-1 Plg) Dept.,17-01-2022 issued orders enhancing the rates of remuneration of Data Entry Operators from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.18,500/-. In view of the orders of Government in the reference 3rd read above,, the remuneration to the Date Entry Operator is to be paid as Rs.18,500/- with effect from the month of February 2022. The enhanced amount of Rs.18,500/- is included in the month of remuneration payable for May.2022 and the arrears if any from February to April, 2022 will be paid at later date. The District Educational Officers are requested to take further necessary action in the matter

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