State Awards to the Best teachers Inviting nominations by the interested teachers -2022 Guidelines Rc.29026

State Best Teachers Awards 2022 Best Teachers Awards Application 2022 School Education Teachers Day Celebrations, 2022 State Awards to the Best teachers Inviting nominations by the interested teachers -Instructions Issued Regarding. 

State Awards to the Best teachers Inviting nominations by the interested teachers -2022 Guidelines Rc.29026 


1. G.0.Rt. No. 434 Education (Ser. IV) Department, dt:23.08.2000.

2. G.0.Rt. No.500 Education (Trg.1) Department, dt: 02.09.2002

3. G.O.RL. No: 1111, Dt: 09.07.2020, Gen. Admn. (AR) Department

4. G.0.Rt.No.429Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department, dt 09.08.2021


All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that STATE AWARDS function being organized every year on the eve of Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan's birthday as Teachers day (GURUPUIOTHSAVAM) to honour the Best Teachers/Meritorious Teachers every year on September 5th

The Government has decided to conduct the program this year to felicitate the services of hard working teaching fraternity, The District Educational Officers in the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the teachers in their jurisdictions to apply for the State Awards as per the proforma annexed. The proposed awards are to be given to the deserving teachers working under the following categories as given below: Head Masters/ School Assistants/TGTS/PGTs working in High Schools/ UPSchools under State Govt/ Zilla Parished/ Municipal/ ITDA/ Aided/ APRIES/APSWREIS/APTWREIS.

2. Secondary Grade Teachers/PETs/Gr.II Pandits/ Craft Music working in Primary/Upper Primary Schools under State Govt/ Zilla Parishad/ Municipal/ ITDA/ Aided. Therefore, the District Educational Officers (26 Districts) in the State are requested to nominate one Best Teacher from the Category of Head Master/ School Assistant, one Best Teacher from the category of Secondary Grade Teacher and equal categories from Primary/ Upper Primary Schools and One retired teacher from erstwhile Districts (13 Districts) with the recommendations of District level selection committee duly evolving their performance as per the parameters assigned.

The headmasters and teachers for their remarkable performance under Mana Badi

2. Nadu Nedu, (Submission of bills in online, motivating the donors and) getting donations to the schools, Motivated to the Artists for painting the school building with beautiful messages on voluntary basis,

3. Increased enrollment in last 2 years).100% utilization of TMF/IMMS app, marking attendance in MDM (99%),Ammavodi Verification in time and having accuracy of data with 99%,

6.And has rendered the service during the covid-19 by imparting the teaching with alternative methods like e-lesson, online teaching, Reaching to the students in villagos, certified by the committee Distribution of Jagananna Vidya Kanuka etc)

Eligibility Criteria:

1. The Teachers/Head Masters who have completed 15 years of minimum service.

2. The Teachers/Head Masters who have selected for the District Awards previously.

3. The Teachers/Head Masters who applied for National Awards earlier are not eligible...

4. The teachers who have charges/disciplinary proceedings/criminal cases are not eligible.

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State Best Teachers Award 2022 Application


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