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1,2 Classes

Lift (బరువు ఎత్తు)



Meaning: to pull or strain upward in the effort to raise something Phonetic Script: lift/

Other forms:

Lift (Noun) Lift-Lifted-Lifted-Lifting (Verb)


1. He almost lifted the weight.

2. Can I lift this weight?

3. Come and help me lift this weight.

4. He is not strong to lift it.

5. I have the strength to lift this.

3,4,5 Classes:

Exercise (వ్యాయామం / వ్యాయామం చేయుట)

Spelling: EXERCISE

Meaning: to do physical activities to make your body strong and healthy

Phonetic Script:/'eksǝ(r)saiz /

Other forms:

Exercise (Singular Noun) Exercises (Plural Noun)

Exercise - Exercised - Exercised (Verb)


1. I am doing warm up exercises. 2. Swimming is the best exercise.

3. He starts his day with yoga and gentle exercises.

4. Diet and exercise are equally important.

5. The doctor advised him to take regular exercise.

6,7,8 Classes

Event (సంఘటన)

Spelling: EVENT

Meaning: each of several particular contests making up a sports competition

Phonetic Script: I'vent /Other forms: Event (Singular Noun)

Events (Plural Noun)


1. He would promote sports event.

2. He is participating in a large sports event.

3. The sports event was held in 2008.

4. The event was widely covered by the mass media. 5. The newspapers reported the event.

9,10 Classes


(మారథాన్/పెద్ద పరుగు)

Spelling: MARATHON

Meaning: A marathon is a race in which people run a distance of 26 miles (about 42 km). Phonetic Script:/'mærǝ0(ə)n/

Other forms:

Marathon (Noun)


1. Marathon runners need plenty of stamina.

2. I have never run a marathon.

3. She came first in the marathon.

4. He is a famous marathon runner.

5. The marathon runners were out of breath.

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