Confirmation of DOPP data by the HODs in view of district restructuring and sanction of new posts

DOPP- Confirmation of DOPP data by the HODs in view of district restructuring and sanction of new posts etc-Requested-Reg.

Lr.No. FIN02-18038/1/2021-H SEC-DTA 15/03/2023


1. Meeting by Chief Secretary with all SPI CS/P.5/ Secretaries to Government dated 07.04.2021

2. Cir Mema.No: HROPDPP/49/2021(Comp No: 1389438) Dt: 07.04.2021 of the Spl.C.S, Finance

3. Lr. No: FINO2-18038/1/2021-H SEC DTA DE 10.10.2021 of the DTA 18.11.2021 & 19.06.2022

4. Review meeting held by Spl.C.S finance on 11.11.2021

5. Gazette notifications issued by the Government Re-organizing districts.

Kind attention of all Secretariat Heads and Heads of Departments is invited to the references cited. The Chief Secretary to Government, vide reference 1st cited, has directed all the Spl C.5/PS/Secretaries that a repository of all posts, positions and personnel, which is updated on a real time/near real time basis, is essential for the purpose of planning recruitment, career progression and training. Due to various priorities, post bifurcation of the State, this matter was relegated to the background and need for the repository is acutely perceived by all the stake holders.

In view of the above, vide reference 2nd cited, the Finance department has taken the initiative for the creation of the Directory of Posts and Personnel (DoPP) and a Web based application was developed and hosted at" requesting all the DDOS to upload and confirm their office cadre strength in all 28 categories with supporting G.Os and orders. Further, the Treasury Officers and P.A.O were requested to confirm the cadre strength uploaded by the DDOS with reference to their S.LO Registers The Data confirmed by the DDO and TO/PAO was sent to the HODs along

with variations between the DDO and T.O/PAO with a request to confirm the same duly supported by the GOs, if any. The departmental data confirmed by the HODS was sent to the Director of Treasuries and Accounts and PAD for further verification and certification. Accordingly, the DTA and PAO have certified the data in consultation with the HODS (Wherever the HODs have responded and provided the required information).

As the matter Stood thus, vide reference 5th cited, the government have decided to restructure the districts by creating 13 new districts. In this connection, new revenue divisions, mandals were also created along with posts. duly suppressing the existing posts in some cases and Additional posts were also sanctioned. Further during COVID pandemic additional posts were sanctioned and policy decisions like merger of grant in aid educational institutions with Government, Municipal schools brought under School Education department. conversion of APSRTC as Public Transport Department etc are taken. Due to above, the cadre strength earlier confirmed by HODS and DDOS earlier changed a lot.

Keeping the above into consideration, all the STOS/PAD were once again requested to re-confirm the data basing on the latest data/SLO. Accordingly, all the STOS/PAQ have confirmed the data. However, the HODs yet to confirm the data duly taking the changes occurred in the recent posts into consideration.

In this context, all the DDOS are now again provided with an option to view the latest DoPP data in respect of their offices for whom they are acting as DDO in the HERB portal. Further, if the DDOS find any variation between their original cadre strength and DoPP data pre-populated therein, they shall bring the variance figures/categories to the notice of their respective HOD. In turn, the HOD may consolidate such variations along with suitable evidence for his/her claims are made and may confirm the data in consultation with the DTA/PAO. Therefore, all the HODs are requested to visit DoPP portal" and confirm their department cadre strength duly enclosing suitable G.Os. wherever required. The statement of variation DDO wise & post wise is available therein. They are requested to complete the work by 20.03.2023, so as to publish the final DOPP by 25.03.2023.

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