Leadership training Programme to School Heads Memo:15022

Samagra Shiksha, AP SIEMAT IIM, Ahmedabad Program on Leadership for Excellence in Education for the Government School Heads - Deputation of identified School Heads to attend the Training Programme at IIMA - Instructions to relieve the School Heads Regarding.

Memo.No.SS-15022/67/2022-SAMO-SSA, Dt. 01/03/2023


1 Mail.Dt.09.09.2022 of the Associate Professor & Chairperson. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. 

2 This office U.O.Note.No.SS-15022/59/2022, Dt.12.09.2022

3 Memo.No. 1806099/PROG.II/A1/2022, Dt.25.08.2022

4 This office Procgs.Rc.No. SS-15022/67/2022-SAMO-SSA,Dt.15.11.2022.

5 This office Procgs.Rc.No. SS-15022/67/2022-SAMO-SSA. Dt.19.01.2023.

6 This office Dt.24.01.2023.


All the District Educational Officers and Ex-Officio Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are informed that the Government of Andhra Pradesh had introduced various educational related reforms for the betterment of students and teachers for enhancing the quality of education in the State. Further, the State Government has given top priority for training of teachers and Head Masters for enhancing the teaching and administrative skills among the teachers and Head Masters in the State.

Further it is informed that for enhancing the leadership qualities for strategic decision making and to improve the leadership competencies, to meet the school level requirements, it is decided to provide Leadership training to the Head Masters by Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Ahmedabad in different batches. In the ref 5th & 6th cited, the 2nd & 3rd batch training was completed and further based on the performance certain School Heads were identified for 4th batch (lists enclosed) training programme scheduled on 13.03.2023 to 17.03.2023 at IIM Ahmedabad.

Therefore the District Educational Officers concerned directed to relieve the selected School Heads (as per enclosure) from the respective districts on the A.N. of 11.03.2023 with instructions to attend the training programme (as per the directions of this office) on Leadership for Excellence in Education for the Government School Heads from 12.03.2023 to 19.03.2023 at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Encls: List of identified School Heads

Government of Andhra Pradesh, Samagra Shiksh, SIEMAT IIM A- IV th Batch -List of School Heads Leadership Training (13-03-2023 to 17-03-2023

Proceeding Copy

List of School Heads 

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