Up-gradation of 292 Government High Schools into High School Plus GO.124

Up-gradation of 292 Government High Schools into High School Plus for Girls from the Academic Year 2022-23 - Permission Accorded Orders Issued.

Memi: C.No. 31/A&I/2022-3, Dated:19.05.2022.


In the circumstances stated in his letter read above, the Commissioner of School Education, has requested the Government to issue necessary orders for up-gradation of 292 High Schools into High School Plus, where there is no Government Junior College / KGBVS.

2. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permission to the Commissioner of School Education, for up-gradation of 292 Government High Schools into High School Plus for Girls, at Annexure appended to this G.O, subject to following conditions:

a. To start with, given the short notice at which the courses are being started, it is advised to offer only two courses now, instead of three groups i.e., MPC, BIPC and CEC @ 40 students to each group from the Academic Year 2022-23]. This would help address the uncertainty about local demand, thereby avoiding the possibility of wasteful expenditure from under strength courses.

b. The specific courses to be offered shall be determined based on the local requirement.

c. Instead of any promotions or creation of a new cadre within the School Education Department, the required PGT equivalent teachers shall be deployed by upgrading vacant SGT posts and providing one increment to the existing School Assistants with post-graduate qualifications. d. Accordingly, 1752 qualified School Assistants can be deployed to work in the 292 Government Junior Colleges by providing them one increment.

e. No additional classroom will be sanctioned, since they have already been provided under the three phases of Nadu Nedu.

f. All other expenditures shall be dovetailed from the Samagra Siksha.

g. Undertake an assessment of the off-take for the offered courses for atleast two academic years before considering any expansion of courses. In that assessment, if it emerges that the courses being offered are not able to attract students, the same should also be closed down. This will pre-empt the strong likelihood of these junior colleges ending up like the massive numbers of unviable primary schools which were are currently unable to close down.

3. The Commissioner of School Education and the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, shall take further necessary action accordingly, in the matter.

4. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (HR-II)D epartment, vide their U.O.No.1756356/HR.II/FIN01 HROPDPP(RRD)/86/2022, Dated:29.06.2022. 


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