FA1/CBA 1 Schedule Rc.316

School Education - SCERT AP - Academic calendar 2023-24 - Conduct of FA1/CBA1 orders issued - Reg. 


1. Academic Calander 2023-24

2. Note orders in file ESE02/316/2023-SCERT

All Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are aware that the academic calendar has been released, and the first formative assessment 1/ CBA1 is scheduled to take place from August 1, 2023. In this connection, the following test design structure has been finalized by the State Assessment Cell (SAC).

Test Design Structure for FA1/CBA1:

 The test items will be designed based on the textbooks adopted by the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Research and Training (AP SCERT).

The assessment tools will be designed to assess grade-specific skills. The assessment tool will include both Multiple-Choice Questions .

(MCQs) and Free-Response Questions (FRs). For Grade 3 to 8, each MCQ will have 4 options, and there will be only one correct answer for each question. For Grade 1 and 2, MCQS will have 3 options, and there will be only one correct answer for each question. 

For the formative assessment, the number of MCQs has been set at 10. This allows for testing essential concepts while giving students sufficient time to answer the questions. It also takes into account the limited number of chapters being tested in each formative assessment.

This blueprint aims to ensure that the assessment aligns with the curriculum, focuses on grade-specific skills, and provides a balanced mix

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