Implementation of Life skill project/ Magic bus India foundation - DRG training Schedule Rc.695

SCRT PEP Implementation of Life skill project/ Magic bus India foundation - DRG training- 1st spell scheduled from 13.07.2023 to 15.07.2023 & 2nd spell scheduled from 17.07.2023 to 19.07.2023 in all 26 districts - Reg

RC. No. ESE02/605/2023- SCERT Date: 08/07/2023


1. MoU between Director SCERT & M/s Magic Bus India Foundation of India Dated: 6th February 2023. 

2. Meeting with Magic Bus team on 02.06.2023

The Magic Bus India Foundation approached the School Education Department to extend support for implementation of PET Teacher Led activity based Life Skills Education in 50 selected government schools in each district in phase -1, covering a total of 1300 Schools across all 26 districts in Andhra Pradesh in a cascade mode.

In this context, the SRG training was conducted from 16.06.2023 to 20.06.2023 at Hotel Madhuvan Grand, Vijayawada. For SCERT faculty from 22.06.2023 & 23.06.2023. In continuation, the DRG training programme is scheduled in 2 spells in all the districts from 13.07.2023 to 15.07.2023 in 1st spell and from 17.07.2023 to 19.07.2023 in 2nd spell.

The majority of the DRG training programmes will be conducted in Govt. DIETS and some of DRG trainings will be conducted at some other place i.e. for Tirupathi, Chittoor, Ananthapur, Satya Sai will be announced by Govt. DIET Principal or District Educational officer. The Bapatla venue will be Cheerala, Anakapalli & ASR will be Anakapalli, the place will be decided by the District Educational officer of the concerned districts.

Further, the District Resource Group (DRG) consists of 2 teachers @ each school, i.e. 1 PET teacher, 1 teacher will be deputed by Head Master of the concerned schools. The total schools are 50 @each district. 100 teachers (PET/PD & teacher), 2 DIET faculty, 1 DIET Principal and 1 District level Secretary, Games & Sports will be participated physically and 26 SCERT faculty, will join virtually ar physically for the DRG programme.

The list of the schools is attached with these proceedings.

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