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 1. Which benefit of using e-content in science involves tailoring learning experiences to individual student needs?

(A) Personalized learning

2. In a virtual chemistry lab, if you want to mix two solutions and observe the reaction, w1hat would you typically do?

(A) Pour the solutions into a virtual beaker and observe

3. What is required to run Jmol on a desktop? 

(A) Java

4. Broadly augmented reality content is of ......... types? 

(A) Two

5. You need to conduct an in-depth discussion on a controversial scientific topic, allowing students to listen to expert opinions and explore various Which e-content type facilitates this?

(A) Podcasts

6. Virtual lab and Augmented Reality are examples of 

(A) Experiential e-Content

7. While introducing a Physics topic, you would like to conduct a brainstorming session and compile the evolved Which of the following types of e-content will be selected? 

(A) Word Cloud

8. How can AR-based science pedagogy benefit students with different learning styles?

(A) By offering a variety of interactive learning experiences

9. Which tool is used to study the properties of elements? 

(A) Kalzium

10. Which mobile app can be used to demonstrate the chemical reactions? 

(A) Beaker

11. Which is the important sensor require in your phone/tablet to see Virtual Reality content?

(A) Gyro meter

12. What does the 'E' stand for in the ADDIE model for instructional design? 

(A) Evaluation

13. Which of the following eContent you open with VLC? 

(A) Videos

14. In e-content development, what is the primary concern when selecting the appropriate font style and size for readability? (A) Accessibility

15. What is the most important step for finalizing the created molecule on JMOL?

(A) Energy Minimize

16. What does PDP stands for- (A) Protein Data Bank

17. You would like to explain the eclipse with the help of a simulation. Which of the following would be the best web application you may select? 

(A) Stellarium Web

18. Which among the following is the type of image can be stretched to maximum?

(A) svg 

19. How can collaborative projects be beneficial when integrating scientific investigation concepts into e-Content? 

(A) They promote teamwork and peer-to-peer learning

20. You need to explain a series of intricate chemical reactions step by step, highlighting the molecular changes at each stag Which of the following e-content type would be most effective?* 

(A) Gifs

21. Which Mobile app can be used to visualize the AR content of science? 


22. What is the primary objective of e Content designed to support the development of thinking and reasoning skills in students in the context of science education? 

(A) Facilitation of inquiry and experimentation

23. In order to allow the learners to access the e-contents from a Physics unit, which of the following software applications helps you? 

(A) exe learning

24. You want to teach a historical perspective of famous scientific discoveries and the context in which they occurred. Which e-content type would provide an engaging narrative format for this purpose? 

(A) Comic books

25. Which among the following is the appropriate device to use Augmented Reality content?

(A) Mobile phone

26. Which of the following software applications helps you to create simulations in Physics?

(A) Algodoo

27. When designing e-content for science, what is the primary role of the"instructional designer"?

(A) Pedagogical planning and sequencing

28. File extension for image type of eContent?


29. Which e-content types offer maximum participation, involvement and self- learning by the learner?

(A) Applet

30. You are tasked with creating an interactive learning experience where students can explore the structure of molecules in 30, rotating and zooming in on molecular models. Which e-content type is most appropriate?

(A) Interactives

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