Allotment of office accommodation available at Millennium Towers-A & B to important departments-Orders Issued GO.

A.P. Reorganisation Act, 2014 Harmonious and balanced growth of the State - Conducting periodic review and monitoring different welfare and development programmes implementing in North Coastal districts i.e.. Uttarandhra Region of the State Visits of Chief Minister, Ministers and senior Government officials involving overnight stay at Visakhapatnam- Allotment of office accommodation available at Millennium Towers-A & B to important departments-Orders Issued.


G.O. Rt. No. 2283 Dated 22-11-2023

Read the following-

1) G.O. Rt. No. 2004, General Administration (Political.A) Department, dated 10.10.2023.

2) G.O. Rt. No. 2015, General Administration (Political.A) Department, dated 11.10. 2023.

3) From the Special Chief Secretary to Government, Municipal Administration. & Urban Development Department & Member of the Committee, Letter No. 130/ Peshi/Spl.C.S./MA&UD, dated 31.10.2023.


In the G.O. first read above, Government have issued orders to all the Secretaries to Government, Heads of Departments and the Special Officers, to visit the North Coastal districts regularly for conducting period review and monitoring of the welfare and development programmes, implementation of Chief Minister's Assurances and decision taken in the District Review Meetings, undertake field visits. along with District Officials to familiarize themselves with local requirements and development, to develop the project implementation tracking mechanism of the schemes and programmes being implemented in the said districts. It was also ordered therein that for this purpose, the respective departments are requested to make their own arrangements for transit accommodation in and surrounding areas of Visakhapatnam.

2 In the G.O. second read above, Government have issued orders constituting a Committee of Officers to identify suitable transit accommodation for setting up of Camp Office for the Chief Minister and accommodation for supporting seniority functionaries.

3. In the reference third read above, the Officers Committee has submitted the report. The Committee, based on the field visits and interactions with the field level 2 officers, recommended the following priority so as to reduce costs and optimize the expenditure:-

After careful consideration of the report of the Committee of Officers,Government have decided to accept the above said recommendation of the Committee. Accordingly, Government hereby order that the office accommodation available at Millennium Towers A & B shall be allocated important Departments which are not having buildings on their own in Visakhapatnam.

5.A copy of the details of Government Buildings owned by individual departments which can be self-utilised by them for Camp Offices for Senior Functionaries (Secretaries/Heads of Departments/Ministers along with their required staff) is enclosed.

6. All the Departments of Secretariat shall take necessary further action in the matter.

7.The Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department and Industries & Commerce Department shall take necessary further action for allocation of accommodation available at Millennium Towers-A & B


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