School Infrastructure Maintenance Fund -allocation and operational guidelines Memo:1840006

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - School Infrastructure Maintenance Fund -allocation and operational guidelines - Revised guidelines - Reg.


1. Government Memo No.1632817/Prog.I/A2/2022, Dt.04.02.2022 

2. From Commissioner, School Infrastructure, eFile No: 11/36/2022- CIVIL SEC-SSA-Part(1), dated:12.10.2022

Government have taken up School infrastructure improvement through Mana Badi Nadu Nedu program in a phased manner. In Phase-l of the program, 15.713 schools were taken up for improving the infrastructure. All the assets and equipment created under Nadu Nedu, should be maintained well by promptly attending to periodic maintenance and essential repairs to be undertaken to maintain the quality and extend the life of the assets created. Therefore, Government have decided to give top most priority to the School Infrastructure, School Maintenance and Toilet maintenance. Accordingly. Government have issued School and operational guidelines vide reference 1st cited.

Infrastructure Maintenance cation Commissioner, School Infrastructure 2. In the reference 2nd cited, has informed that guidelines issued in the reference 1st cited are only for Phase-1 schools and requested to revise the draft guidelines, so as to incorporate Phase-ll, Phase-i schools and Junior colleges also.

3. In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner, School Infrastructure and in supersession of the Government Memo issued in the reference 1st cited, Government hereby revise the School Infrastructure 

Maintenance Funds - allocation and operational guidelines, as follows:

(1) The funds will be utilised by the School Head Masters / Principals of Junior Colleges and Residential schools and other Educational Institutions, for the following purpose

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