General Election 2024 Providing Basic Infrastructure in the designated schools identified for Polling Instructions issued

School Education General Election 2024 Providing Basic Infrastructure in the designated schools identified for Polling Instructions issued Reg. 

Ref:Instructions from the Chief electoral officer A.P on Date: 26.12.2023.

In the reference cited, Chief electoral officer, Andhra Pradesh has instructed the School Education Department to provide the required. infrastructure like Toilets, Drinking Water Systems, Kitchen Shed and Electrification for conducting Elections-2024 in the designated polling stations within Schools.

2. The following instructions are issued to ensure the above in all the premises for conducting Elections in the School premises.

i. In all designated schools for election, provision of proper toilets facility drinking water systems, kitchen shed and Electrification including Tube lights, Fans, Sockets and Switches to be provided.. Also ramp to be provided to the rooms designated as polling station for the differently abled persons.

ii. In Phase-I schools all the above requirements are sufficiently available and they should be verified and ensured that all the facilities are intact. If the facility needs maintenance the Head Master shall attend repairs and keep. intact latest by 31.01.2024 using SMF funds. If ramp is not available to the room designated for polling station the ramp shall be provided using SMF funds.

iii. In Phase-ll schools the required infrastructure including ramp shall be completed latest by 31.01.2024 using Nadu Nedu Funds. if required, funds can be transferred from nearby schools for this purpose. Ramps can be constructed for the designated poling stations under Nadu-Nedu.

Iv. In phase-Ill schools the required infrastructure and ramp shall be kept ready latest by 31.01.2024 using SMF Funds.

3. Hence all the District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators in the State are instructed to direct the concerned schools Head Masters to keep intact all required infrastructure and ramps to the polling station designated. rooms duly attending the required repairs and keep ready by 31.01.2024 using the SMF funds and Nadu Nedu funds. For phasel and 2 schools adequate furniture is provided. For phase 3 schools, furniture may be arranged from the nearby phase 1 and 2 schools if after the above date, if any polling station is found without the adequate facilities as above the concerned head master shall be personally held responsible and action shall be taken. The DEO and APC shall be held responsible for supervisory failure.

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