SC ST Study Leave First Generation Certificate Clarification Memo:14025

SC ST Study Leave ST Study Leave First Generation Certificate SC Study Leave ST Study Leave First a generation Certificate Clarification Study Leave Clarification study leave with full pay and allowances SC ST study Leave

School Education -Certain clarification on frst generation certificate for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Non Gazetted employees for higher education in service course i.e., (Full Ray &allowances)- Certain Clarification -Issued.

Memo.No.ESE02-14025/2/2024-E-VI Dated:26/03/2024


1.G.0,Ms.No.342, Social Welfare (B3) Department, dated30-08-1977. 

2.Govemment Memo. No.1760834/RS.1/2018-2, Soclal welfare (RS.1) Dept., Dated: 15-07-201.300/B1/2024/, Educational Officer, Tirupati. Dated:11-03-2024 of the District

It is informed that, in reference 3rd cited, the District Educational Officer, Tirupati has sort a clarification on condition of first generation certificate to the employees who belong to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe for In-service B.Ed., Course with full pay and allowances. "If women employee married her Husband's family may be countable for first generation or not?"

Further, it is informed to the District Educational Officer, Tirupati that the Government, Social Welfare Department have issued a clarification in the reference 2nd cited in this regard is as follows:

" per the provisions contained in the G.O.Ms.No. 342, Social Welfare (B3) Department, dated:30-08-1977, there is(a)No bar for issuance of the First Generation Certificate to more than one person in the same family &(b)No bar for issuance of First Generation Certificate to both husband &wife, and he is informed that the certificates may be issued by the eamperent authorities, subject satisfying the other conditions stipulated in the said Government order.

Therefore, the above Government memo is herewith communicated to all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the state, for taking further action accordingly.

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