School Education Applying for Sub AUA (Authentication user Agency) under Regulation 15 of Aadhaar (Authentication) Regulation, 2016 Notification under section 7 of the Aadhaar (Targetted Delivery of Financial and other subsidies, benefits and service) Act, 2016(Act No.18 of 2016) for the schemes of "Talliki Vandanam" "Student kits" etc. Orders Issued. and Student Kits GO.29 Dt:09.07.24

Talliki Vandanam Scheme Talliki Vandanam Scheme Talliki Vandanam Scheme GOTalliki Vandanam Rs.15000 Talliki Vandanam Scheme Eligibility Talliki Vandanam Scheme 2024-24

School Education Applying for Sub AUA (Authentication user Agency) under Regulation 15 of Aadhaar (Authentication) Regulation, 2016 Notification under section 7 of the Aadhaar (Targetted Delivery of Financial and other subsidies, benefits and service) Act, 2016(Act No.18 of 2016) for the schemes of "Talliki Vandanam" "Student kits" etc. Orders Issued.


G.O.Ms.No. 29 Dated:09.07.2024 Read the following

From the Commissioner of School Education, file No. 9048451/2024/ GENERAL-ESE01 (Computer No.1275405)


The following Notification shall be published in the extraordinary issue of Andhra pradesh Gazette, Dated: 09.07.2024.


Whereas, the use of Aadhaar as an identity document for delivery of services or benefits or subsidies simplifies the Government delivery process, brings in transparency and efficiency, and enables beneficiaries to get there entitlements directly in a convenient and seamless manner by obviating the need to produce multiple documents to prove one's identity;

And whereas the School Education Department administers Disbursement of Entitlements to Students under "Talliki Vandanam" program and the "Student Kits" Distribution etc. These program(s) aim to provide essential support to students and Government schools across the state. This includes providing school supplies such as Textbooks, Notebooks, Uniforms, Shoes, Belt, Tie, Socks, and other materials, as well as offering financial assistance to mothers or guardians of school-going children. The Department provides these benefits to the respective beneficiaries under the mentioned schemes:


Talliki Vandanam, aims to ensure that no child misses out on education due to poverty. This innovative scheme supports mothers in sending their children to school regularly, significantly reducing the dropout rate.

The government provides a direct annual financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- to mothers whose children are studying from Class-I to Class- XII, ensuring a 75% attendance duly processing the required validations for identifying the eligible BPL families.


To provide basic entitlements and give a feeling of dignity and self- respect to the child and cause equality among the children in the schools, the Government is supplying Students kit consisting of a Bag, 3 pairs of Uniforms including stitching charge, a Belt, a pair of Shoes and two pairs of Socks, Textbooks, Notebooks, Workbooks, and an English to Telugu Oxford Dictionary.

This significant allocation has led to a notable enhancement in the dignity of government school students and a considerable surge in student enrolment in government schools.

And whereas, the Scheme involves recurring expenditures incurred from the consolidated fund of State Government of Andhra Pradesh;

Now, therefore, in pursuance of Section 7 of the Aadhaar (Targeted delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits, and Services) Act, 2016 (18 of 2016) (hereinafter referred to as the said Act), the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby notifies the following, namely: -

1. (1) An individual desirous of availing the benefits under the schemes shall hereby be required to furnish proof of possession of the Aadhaar number or undergo Aadhaar authentication.

(2) Any individual desirous of availing the benefit under the schemes, who does not possess the Aadhaar number or, has not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, shall be required to make application for Aadhaar enrolment subject to the consent of his parents or guardians (in case of minor students), before registering for the schemes provided that he is entitled to obtain Aadhaar as per section 3 of the said Act and such individuals shall visit any Aadhaar enrolment centre (list available at the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website to get enrolled for Aadhaar.

(3) As per the regulation 12 of the Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016, the Department shall offer Aadhaar enrolment facilities for the beneficiaries who are not yet enrolled for Aadhaar and in case there is no Aadhaar enrolment centre located in the respective area, the Department shall provide Aadhaar enrolment facilities at convenient locations in coordination with the existing Registrars of UIDAI or by becoming a UIDAI Registrar themselves: Provided that till the time Aadhaar is assigned to the individual, the benefits under the schemes shall be given to such individual subject to production of the following documents, namely: -

a. If he has enrolled, his Aadhaar Enrolment identification slip; and

b. Any one of the following documents, namely;-

Bank or Post Office Passbook with Photo; or

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card; or

Passport; or

Ration Card; or

Voter Identity Card; or

MGNREGA card; or 

Kisan Photo Passbook; or

viii. Driving license issued by the Licensing Authority under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (59 of 1988); ог

ix. Certificate of identify having photo of such person issued by a Gazetted Officer or a Tahsildar on an official letter head; or

Χ. Any other document as specified by the Department:

Provided further that the above documents may be checked by an officer specifically designated by the Department for that purpose.

2. In order to provide benefits to the beneficiaries under the schemes conveniently, the Department shall make all the required arrangements to ensure that wide publicity through media shall be given to the beneficiaries to make them aware of the requirement of Aadhaar under the schemes.

3. In all cases, where Aadhaar authentication fails due to poor biometrics of the beneficiaries or due to any other reason, the following remedial mechanisms shall be adopted, namely:-

a. In case of poor fingerprint quality, iris scan or face authentication facility shall be adopted for authentication, thereby the Department through its implementing Agency shall make provisions for iris scanners or face authentication along with finger-print authentication for delivery of benefits in seamless manner;

b. In case the biometric authentication through fingerprints or iris scan or face authentication is not successful, wherever feasible and admissible authentication by Aadhaar One Time Password or Time-based One- Time Password with limited time validity, as the case may be, shall be offered;

c. In all other cases where biometric or Aadhaar One Time Password or Time-based One-Time Password authentication is not possible, benefits. under the Scheme may be given on the basis of physical Aadhaar letter whose authenticity can be verified through the Quick Response code printed on the Aadhahr letter and the necessary arrangement of Quick Response code reader shall be provided at the convenient locations by the Department through its Implementing Agency

4. In addition to the above, in order to ensure that no bona-fide beneficiary under the schemes is deprived of his due benefits, the Department shall follow the exception handling mechanism as outlined in the Office Memorandum of DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India dated 19th December, 2017.

5. The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, shall take necessary action accordingly, in the matter.

6. This notification shall come into effect from the date of its publication

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